Food Planning

I am list woman.I write things down.I always shop with my list.My gang of hungry people make fun of me for this but I always say don't mock the cook.Kiss the cook.There is always something good to eat and they are very well fed.
I like to start my week food list on a Sunday evening with a quick check in the cupboards and fridge to see what's left and I go from there.I strive to give my family a varied diet with optimal nutrient content so I change and rotate the menu weekly.By keeping the list from the week we've just finished I can see the kinds of meals I've made and what was enjoyed the most too.From this I jot down what I fancy making for the upcoming week and then list what I need to buy.Make headings for food groups:
Dairy   Poultry   Meat   Breads   Pasta/Legumes  Vegetables    Fruits    Condiments   Drinks

and list the ingredients that  you need within those.It only takes 15 minutes or so to compile the weeks menu and it can save lots of money as there is no need to grab something from the take-away or supermarket.We use a combination of supermarkets (always checking out the reduces aisle first),farmers markets and bargain shops to get our weekly nosh.The more you do this the quicker you get at it,I can scan a supermarket in 10 minutes flat for bargains.  
Try to make meals with ingredients that overlap to save money and prep time.For instance when working with lentils,you can whip up a lentil soup,lentil curry(dhansak)and lentil vegetable burgers can be made at the same time and frozen off.Batch cooking can save money on electricity/gas and your time.
Make your list.Eat well.
Take the list with you.It works better when you do.