Lets play some mind tricks on the hunger monster.

Diet and exercize work hand in hand . There are, however other little tricks that you can do without even looking at the tread mill.
  • Plate Size.
The dinner plate is now almost 30% larger than in the 1980's.Reduce your plate size reduce your calorie intake by 20%. The mind will focus on the job at hand, you eat with your eyes remember.
  • Portion size.
Portions are therefore very important. But a large salad with everything on is not always the answer.The dressings can have high sugar, fat and calorific values.
  • Protein can fill you up for longer.
It has been proven that protein can stave off hunger for longer, so maybe poached egg on rye for breakfast, and some simple fish dishes for the mains.
  • Food Spike
Many breads, sandwiches,and other similar foods can give you a spike in energy then a feeling of fatigue. Then you feel you need more food. This cycle is one of the main causes of increased weight in office staff who are unable to exercise through the day.
  • Soup can trick your body into feeling fuller for longer.
Soups have a lining and bulking sensation within the stomach and protracts the length of time that your brain accepts that you are full.
  • Reduce drinking with your meal.
Eat slower and try not to have too much to drink as this can reduce the effectiveness of natural digestion and the contented feeling of fullness. The fluid can literally wash parts of your meal out of your stomach, setting of the chemical reactions that tell you to eat more food.
  • Put your food calories to good use.
Treat your calories as an investment. You paid enough for them so make them work for you.If your are at a loss to why, after all your careful food controls, your not shifting those pounds then try a little more calorific burn. A little more physical.Simple stuff like walking more in the day. If you use more calories than you eat then your on the right track.Daily allowances for Women are 1500 calories and Men 2000 calories. We are all different. But Small steps first. Enjoy your diet, make it work for you nutritionally,and stay away from the quick fixes!Do not get so hungry that you just grab anything..
By working and sharing with each other we can make a difference.