Tai soup in minutes

It’s great for using up any leftover ingredients and it’s mighty fine tasting too! It normally takes me around 6 minutes to make and 6 minutes to eat. It’s got a hefty background heat from the red Thai curry paste (there’s always a little left in the jar from making Thai curry) and the birds eye chilli which of course can be adjusted to ones liking. Just start off with half the recommended chilli and paste if you are not a big heat fan, you can always add more. Personally,I like it hot enough to make my heart beat faster and to bring on a slight perspiration of the brow. I feel it gives me a rosy glow. 


  • In a large pan heat the oil over a high heat.

  • Place the onions, chilli, lemongrass, galangal and garlic in the pan and cook for 2 minutes until softening.

  • Next add the frozen Quorn chunks and cook for another 2 minutes stirring frequently so not to burn.

  • Add the Thai paste,coconut milk,stock cube,boiling water and mix well.

  • Bring it to the boil and add the vegetables and mushrooms.Cook it for another 2 minutes.The vegetables should be nice and crunchy,the pretend chicken firm but soft and the occasional little heat bomb of chilli.

  • Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

  • Ingredients
    ....................Serves 2 big bowls 
    • Ingredients:
      1 tablespoon sunflower oil
      1 small onion cut into slices
      1 garlic clove sliced thinly
      1 Birds Eye chilli finely chopped 
      1 stalk of Lemongrass
      2-3 slices galangal root( not essential)
      5-6 Mushrooms sliced
      1/2 pack Quorn chunks( frozen)
      250 gm packet of stirfry vegetable mix (I use one with plenty of beansprouts,mangetout andred peppers) 
      400 ml coconut milk
      200 ml boiling water
      2 tablespoons red Thai curry paste
      1 chicken or vegetable stock cube (Knorr Swiss)