Honey Grapefruit,Pear and Turkey Salad

Little shimmery slivers of grapefruit, sweet pear, lean and low fat turkey breast in a honey and olive oil drizzle. Served on a bed of mixed herbs and leaves with an plant omega3 boost of mixed flax, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Fantastically healthy fodder to give a great nutrient boost. Vitamins, minerals and good fibre content all one plate! Simple salad to arrange in just a few minutes-have as a starter or lighter meal.

3-4 oz cooked Turkey breast -I used a few chunks of leftover Turkey breast from a roast.
1/2 bag mixed leaves
Handful fresh herbs- I used Oriental Basil
6-8 cucumber slices
1 grapefruit with all pith and skin off-cut into small pieces
1 small pear skin on and cut up into small chunks
1 tablespoon runny honey at room temperature
1 tablespoon ExtraVirgin Olive Oil
2 tablespoons mixed seeds – sunflower-pumpkin-sesame-flax

Place the turkey, grapefruit and pear in a bowl. Drizzle in the olive oil and honey. Give it a quick but gentle mix to coat ingredients. Arrange leaves and cucumber on a plate, spoon turkey mixture on top and sprinkle on the omega3 seed mix. Serve immediately to savour the fresh and crispness of this great salad. Enjoy!