Parma Ham Mushroom and Red Pesto Quesadillas

Super easy to make and you can put whatever you like into them. Fill these tasty wraps up with healthy ingredients to create nourishing and super tasting combos. My gang of hungries like the taste combo of red pesto sauce, Parma ham, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. The insides are slightly cooked so they have plenty of bite and texture. They make great lunches on their own or team them with a healthy salad for a more substantial meal. I sometimes make batches and freeze them so I’ve got a healthy quick snack or meal at the ready.

Makes 6

wholemeal flat wraps
1 jar of red pesto sauce

1 punnet of mushrooms sliced
250 grams grated cheddar
6 tablespoons fresh Parmesan cheese grated
Parma ham ripped up ( optional-leave out if Veggie)
1 punnet sliced cherry tomatoes.
Fresh basil leaves ripped
Olive oil

Take 1 heaped tablespoon of pesto sauce and smooth over entire wrap. Layer mushrooms, ham and tomatoes on top. Sprinkle cheese and grated parmesan over the lot and add the ripped basil leaves. Give a little drizzle of olive oil and fold over. Place on a hot dry griddle or pan and cook for 2 – 3 minutes. Flip it over and cook until brown and the cheese has started to melt.Serve it hot or cold with a big green salad. Enjoy!
These quesadillas freeze well.