We love good tasty food and spend lots of time sourcing local produce, creating new recipes, bargain food hunting and cooking up great tasty combinations. We believe if you take wholesome simple ingredients, add some imagination and spice you’ll give your food a boost. Injecting some wow into everyday foods is easy. Rising food costs should not mean that we have to eat poor quality cheap foods. Do we really need to pay for some one to mash our potatoes, freeze them and wrap them in plastic.With a little help from key ingredients and the “keep it simple” mantra we can all enjoy loads of great tasting meals that are economical, easy to prepare and pack a nutritious punch.

Hopefully you’ll find some delicious food ideas to try and enjoy.
Why not send me your new foody ideas, old favourites dishes, or your culinary specialilty. Together we can show the world there is another way and help others to start to cook for themselves and their families.

Bring back tasty nutritious eating, thats what I say. Make meal times something to look forward to. So if you’ve got a recipe you would like to share then drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.Join us on our food adventure.